Business Partnership Programmes

The Hoffmann&Reif partner network brings together experts from different disciplines and cultures along the lines of eLearning projects. Through our partnerships an international network has been established, that strengthens and facilitates individual activities as well as collaborative project implementation at a larger scale. All partners get access to a community of practice, called eLearning Associates. The online community provides for expertise and support related to CPeO project planning, implementation and quality assurance.

Three types of partnerships are offered: a Platinum Partnership, a Gold Partnership and a Silver Partnership. Each partnership is based on a Memorandum of Understanding which outlines prospects and business objectives.

There are six steps leading to a business partnership and a membership in the community of practitioners:

  1. the partnership options are discussed and the most suitable type of partnership programme is selected (CPeO Platinum, Gold or Silver Partner Programme)
  2. a non-disclosure agreement is signed
  3. partnership specific business objectives are defined and added to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
  4. The MoU objectives are monitored and reviewed on a three monthly basis
  5. Follow-up activities are planned jointly to accomplish the objectives as agreed in the MoU document
  6. After successful completion of tasks and the accomplishment of the MoU objectives the partnership agreement intended is signed. This leads to a membership in our professional support community.

Below the three types of partnership programmes are described briefly.

Platinum Partner Programme


Platinum partners are either involved in CPeO product development or reselling. They act as independent multipliers and / or contributors to the product life cycle. Platinum Partners have a vital interest in further advancement of CPeO related products and services.

Benefits of becoming a Platinum Partner

Gold Partner Programme


Based on yearly agreements attractive margins are available for Gold Partners. A solid basis for Gold PartnerĀ“s business can be offered. This type of partnership is chosen by sales partners mostly. Hoffmann&Reif assures planning security to implement acquired projects based on terms agreed.

Benefits of becoming a Gold Partner

Silver Partner Programme


A Silver Partnership serves as an entry point to get in touch with the CPeO community of practice. It is used to prepare a Gold or Platinum Partnership. A prerequiste for a Silver Partnership is a CPeO related project which has been accomplished successfully with Hoffmann&Reif partners.

Benefits of becoming a Silver Partner

Example: How to become a Gold Partner