On site coaching workshops "Specific Demands / Tailor-Made Solutions"

ZMS workshops are delivered by experienced consultants who provide for support on site: this is the most intensive form of knowledge dissemination !

Tailor-made on site workshops cover concrete demands of a project implementation from the clients‘ point of view. Target groups are management, developers/producers, graphic-designers and network managers. Methods and solutions are developed jointly and applied interactively to solve actual needs. The aim of the workshops is to identify the most relevant factors during project implementation and to practice procedures for efficient solutions.

Technical workshops focus on the following topics:

Also on site coaching workshop series can be offered to address different needs and target groups affected by a project within an organisation (e.g. workshops about "Setting up Educational Portals" targeting management staff responsible for business development and technical support staff responsible for system setup and maintenance, see example of a human resources centered project model).

If you are interested in obtaining additional specific information about tailor-made on site workshops please get in contact with Sebastian Hoffmann.