Dear educational expert, manager and professional...,

...We are pleased to announce the release of a capacity building programme for new educational Internet based services that will enhance your portfolio at your institution significantly. If you are looking for targeting new students, increasing the out-reach of your programmes and having at the same time an impact on your educational service quality – then you should have a closer look at our offer.

The programme is called the „Comprehensive Package for Building eLearning Organisations - CPeO“ and has been successfully field tested and implemented in Europe, Africa and Asia in a number of different educational environments and with hundreds of educational professionals over the last couple of years.

The tremendous challenge to deliver education effectively and efficiently in developed and in emerging markets and to cope with the demand for out-reach and quality enhancement makes the CPeO a premier proposition for universities, training institutions, corporations and governments.
If you intend to embark on Internet based educational and training services and to build the capacities needed for such a strategic positioning, then the CPeO is a low risk and safe investment. It enables individuals and organisations to establish sustainable educational and training services for their target markets and to cover all elements of the value chain in education.

The CPeO is now ready for implementation under an Open Source and Open Content license. Through this innovative business model cutting edge applications and first class educational content become affordable to institutions and service providers which intent to address the quantum leap they need to undertake today with regards to out-reach and quality of services.

We look forward to cooperating with your distinguished organisation and teaching staff. You can reach us at