Training announcement:

Introduction to Instructional Design and production of blended learning courses

Order of Training: Please send an e-mail with your inquiry and your complete contact information to This course requires a minimum of 5 participants. 
Course duration: 14 days online and 2 days face to face 
Language: English or German 
Course Package Delivery Fee: EUR 6000,-- (complete course delivery up to maximum of 12 participants) 
More Information: Call us at +49-221-8809621, or write us at 
Who is this course for? This course is for trainers and middle management of educational institutions who are responsible for teaching and instructional planning and would like to know the design and implementation of blended learning instruction and the associated work load to manage instructional projects. 
Objectives: 1. You will understand the potential of the instructional design process.
2. You will compare the relevance of the instrcutional design process with your planning and implementation methods.
3. You will know the elements of the instructional design process.
4. You will apply the instructional design process and produce a course.
5. You will prepare and manage the course by using an open source learning management system
6. You will tutor the course via the internet 
Bonus: You will receive an open source based learning management and content management system for your own learning services. You will have access to the course material and community information for 6 months from the course start. You will have access to international consultants and their network. 
Prerequisites: In order to participate in this course you must be able to:
1. write instructional documents in English or German language
2. have advanced computer literacy skill: access the internet from a PC, navigate a Web site using hypertext links, fill in and submit Web forms, send and reply to e-mail messages
3. have advanced media literacy skills: knowledge in use of operating system and applications (text and image processing); conversant with programs including Microsoft Word/Powerpoint/Excel, Acrobat Reader, Internet Explorer/Netscape Navigator
4. access to computer facilities (Pentium II, 200 MHz, 64 RAM minimum, 100 MB free hard disk space)
5. access to printer facilities
6. have sufficient stationery available when needed 
Places available: 12 places are available for the course 
Class size: Enrolment is limited to 12 participants. You will receive personalised attention during the course. 
How you will learn: There is an online preparatory phase which will guide you so that you come prepared to the face to face course. In this phase you will already interact with human experts working in the field for years.
During the classroom lecture you will get lots of opportunities to discuss what you learn, you will do group and individual work and presentations. You'll get expert feedback on your ideas. You can discuss your course, ask questions, and get support through the course mailing list from your facilitator after the course will have been completed. As part of the course you will receive personal advice as you revise one of your own projects to make it more successful. 
What this course requires from you: You can set your own pace during the preparatory phase. No one will nag you or criticize you for not participating. You learn by participating actively. You alone are responsible for your own learning. That means you must have the drive and discipline to learn throughout the course.
During the face to face event you will collaborate in multidisciplinary teams. You will be reuired to work in teams, coordinate and communicate your work efficiently. 
Time required: The course will require 8 hours of preparatory time and 16 hours of face to face attendance. 
Technical requirements: This blended learning course will run on all operating systems (e.g. Windows or Linux). It requires at least the equivalent of a 200 MHz Pentium PC with 128 megabytes of memory. It runs in either Netscape or Internet Explorer browsers of Version 4.0 and later. It requires no plug-ins, but to view and print the study letters you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader (at least version 3.0, if not yet installed please download it from the Adobe web site
To get most out of this course: Do all the activities online and at your working desk. They do not take long and they let you practice what you have learned. Review the readings after you complete the activities. The activities will make clear how you can apply the readings. Participate in the discussion groups online and face to face. Ask questions, debate issues, and help others. Especially help others. 
Authors and facilitators: This course was developed and is facilitated by Hoffmann&Reif.
The authors and tutors are working as business consultants, project managers, online instructors and instructional designers in international projects. 
Credits: No credits; the course has been qualified by renowned independent reviewers and certificates are issued. 
Course phases: 1st phase, online introduction: media competency, test of access, dissemination of introductory material and a task
2nd phase, face to face workshop: application of instructional design and the production of courseware, final presentation and certification
3rd phase, online follow up: interaction with the community of interest and practice 
Before you start: There is one pre-class reading. In addition, please review the prerequisites in this course announcement and the list of technical requirements to make sure that you meet all of them. 
Course Version: 1.0 
Study time: Minimum about 8 online study hours and 16 face to face study hours. 
Course outline: 1. Why is Instructional Design important ?
2. Introduction to Instructional Design
3. Instructional Design in 10 steps
4. Group work: Conception and production of courseware
5. Presentation of courseware results
6. Introduction to eLearning tools, like Basic Support for Cooperative Work (BSCW), mailing lists
7. Role play: Course tutoring and participation
8. Set up of online academies
Each of the modules above is obligatory. 
Schedule of material delivery: Instructional material will be sent to you as study letters via e-mail two weeks before the face to face course starts. 
Welcome: We wish you all a successful learning experience and a pleasant collaboration with international experts in instructional design projects.

The Course Management Team at Hoffmann&Reif