GameON - How to Run Immersive eLearning and Effective Knowledge Sharing Events

GameON is a gamification solution for the effective management of Intellectual Capital. GameON improves learning retention and facilitates the convenient management of tacit company knowledge.

Our service packages:

gameON - Outreach Games
Download the overview about maximizing the outreach of capacity development
gameON - Compliance Games
Download the overview about keeping your team and company skills up-to-date and competitive
gameON - Compliance Games for Early Warning
Download the overview about keeping experts and citizens up-to-date
gameON - Presto
Download the Starter Kit for Social Games
gameON - Employee Skill Games
Download the overview about how to make targeted skill trainings
gameON - Social Knowledge Events - True Mobile Learning
Download the overview about the gameON product and services
gameON - TecGames and TecAward
Download our service offer for professional gaming in the field of Science, Technology and Engineering

We deliver content directly, immediately to your target group, simplifying your job. GameON empowers learners with direct and immediate responses to learning gaps. GameON incorporates a mobile social quiz system. Custom quiz content challenges players to learn, respond and meet your goals, any place, any time, with easy to access tools to measure engagement and impact