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Selected projects 2002 - 2004

Selected projects supporting International Business Collaboration from 2002 until 2004

Hoffmann&Reif focuses on knowledge building and enabling projects in the South and the North. Below is an overview on a couple of projects we have been involved in between 2002 and 2004.

Title    Improvement of health-care services through efficient ICT based education
Duration    January 2004
Location    Abuja, Nigeria
Project Objectives
to perform a feasibility analysis for human resources development in the Nigerian health sector; to develop a stakeholder and sustainability model; to design project-monitoring instruments; to match a project concept with an existing comprehensive requirement set of the World Bank; to establish a network of decision makers from public and private sector institutions and to define success indicators for the tendering process according to a logical framework.
Scope and Results
Project feasibility study and project concept; strategy for ICT based education; elaborated project proposal; syllabus for building health-care capacities

Title    Setting up web-based environmental information system
Duration    March 2002 until May 2003
Location    Delhi and Auroville, India
Project Objectives
to conceptualize and implement a workshop series for setting up environmental information portals; three workshops for decision makers in human resources management and a workshop for environmental engineers covering the following four topics: 1. Portal technology and website content management for training institutions; 2. Training on online authoring for State Pollution Control Boards and municipalities; 3. Advanced content management for training institutions; 4. Rapid implementation of Urban Environmental Information Systems
Scope and Results
syllabus for environmental information managers, action oriented workshops, rapid implementation methodology for environmental information systems, environmental information portals produced on-side and handed over to the workshop participants

Title    Improving environmental education through ICT based training services
Client    InWEnt, Capacity Building International
Duration    12/1999 until 10/2003
Location    Gaborone/Botswana, Makokola/Malawi, Maputo/Mozambique, Windhoek/Namibia, Durban/South Africa, Lusaka/Zambia, Harare/Zimbabwe
Project Objectives
to perform strategic consultancy for the development of sustainable Internet based services in the Southern African Development Community, SADC; to conceptualize a virtual training institution in the SADC for training on environmental management and mining; to design and implement a workshop series for mining engineering faculties of a regional university network: 1. eLearning needs assessment; 2. Planning of eLearning projects; 3. Instructional design and editing workshop; 4. Organisational setup for eLearning; 5. Sustainability strategy for Internet based trainings; 6. Training product marketing; 7. eLearning sales workshop
Scope and Results
syllabus for environmental engineering courses, action learning workshops, rapid implementation methodology for eLearning, eLearning portals produced on-side and handed over to the workshop participants; project information portal and collaborative workspaces implemented for Internet based cooperation

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Further projects

  • Conceptualization and implementation of an eLearning platform for technical vocational training in Latvia (Valmiera, December 2002)
  • Introduction of eLearning concepts for the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Ethiopia. The consultancy for GTZ included a pre-feasibility study, interviews with experts and a workshop in Addis Ababa (Addis Ababa, November 2002).
  • Consultancy on a content management system for the University of Cologne in Germany. This included the conceptualization, implementation, rollout and change management of a multi-client web site for the University administration (Cologne in December 2002),Template description
  • Strategic consultancy for the learning service provider CRYSTAL of GTZ. Through a two months blended Symposium - on the Internet and face to face - the needs of project managers were assessed. At the same time new web-based management tools were introduced which helped to foster Internet based training and collaboration within German technical cooperation projects globally (Eschborn, Germany in October 2002)
  • Conceptualisation and implementation of a multi-client training portal for the Indian Central Pollution Control Board (Delhi in March and September 2002)
  • Conceptualisation and implementation of a project information portal for a decentralized management team consisting of 19 companies and institutions from the SADC (Johannesburg, Cologne in March 2002), http://www.it-ab.net/
  • Conceptualisation and implementation of a training portal for the German tele-academy (University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen) targeting training managers, authors, and trainers (Furtwangen / Cologne in February 2002), http://www.tele-ak.fh-furtwangen.de
  • Conceptualisation and implementation of a decentralized content management application service for the central student advice centre of the University of Applied Sciences Cologne (Cologne in February 2002)
  • Development of a cross cultural syllabus for business information management and eLearning consultants from Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Namibia, South-Africa and Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam (Johannesburg in December 2001 and Bangkok in April 2002), http://www.hoffmann-reif.com/e3091/e74/e334/index_eng.html

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