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e-Learning Symposium „Enhancing Sustainability and Effectivity of Training and Education by Online Learning”

21st - 22nd October 2002, GTZ / CRYSTAL, Eschborn, Germany

GTZ project managers from 15 countries in 4 continents discussed about new e-learning concepts for international development cooperation. This event was organized by Hoffmann&Reif for CRYSTAL, the learning service provider of GTZ.
Up-to-date and cutting-edge case studies were presented and discussed collaboratively on an Internet based Symposium and face-to-face at a two day workshop in Eschborn, Germany. This “blended” event from 30 September to 1 November 2002 resulted in an increased e-readiness of GTZ staff with regards to requests and requirements from the emerging knowledge societies in the South.

The Symposium participants and speakers.

This event responded

  • to the need in the South for building national learning infrastructures and
  • the first evolving knowledge building initiatives.

The result of the Symposium was a road map for integrating e-learning into existing or planned GTZ projects:

  • a short-list of possible e-learning projects in the countries of the workshop participants;
  • an overview on international initiatives relevant to GTZ e-learning projects;
  • a symposium documentation on major building blocks of e-learning projects, such as an open source based content management system, instructional design workflows, and local content production in the South.

This programme is a timely response to the need of building national learning infrastructures and to the first initiatives already evolving.

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