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Blended Learning Products in an Southern African context for international marketplaces – two training workshops by InWent

19 - 20 March 2002, University of Botswana, Gaborone, at the The Grand Palm Hotel in Gaborone, Botswana;
23 - 27 September 2002, University of Malawi - The Polytechnic at the Club Makokola at the Lake Malawi.

The aim of this training programme was to help experts of an already established expert community of practice in southern Africa (SANTREN) to become qualified authors for e-learning courses for environmental managment. The training programme included a contractual framework with a remuneration scheme based on quality delivery from each participant. This programme feature stimulated significantly the training output. It provided transparency through performance orientation and clearly defined quality criteria. It also resulted in the productisation of new e-learning courses that can now be offered on regional and international knowledge marketplaces.
Hoffmann&Reif conceptualised and implemented the training programme. We provided especially consultancy for

  • change management
  • development of business strategies and productisation processes
  • design of course products and value added services
  • project management

The photos below are from both workshops and show the enthusiastic and a highly motivated experts at work.

"If you don´t make a difference, you don´t matter", Prof. Sinkala from the University of Zambia did the opening speech at the workshop in Gaborone, Botswana.

The SANTREN e-learning Implementation and Management Team during the business development workshop in Malawi.

The e-learning Team from left to right: Constancia Musvoto, Institute of Environmental Studies at the University of Zimbabwe; Crispin Kinabo, University of Dar es Salaam; Thomson Sinkala, Head of the e-Learning Team, University of Zambia; Sebastian Hoffmann, Consultant; Gilford Hapanyengwi, Computer Centre at the University of Zimbabwe.

Subject matter experts in the field of environmental sciences become authors of e-learning courses.

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