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Capacity Development and Digital Transformation of Industries

We support private and public sector organizations to develop their Intellectual Capital, manage the change process and increase productivity.

We have been deploying change management programs and ICT infrastructure solutions since year 2001 in the following socio-economic sectors successfully:

  • Health Services, in the field of e.g. staff training, social awareness, emergency response
  • Education and Training, in the field of e.g. vocational and academic programs, educational controlling, career support, testing
  • Environmental Management, in the field of e.g. urban planning, organic agriculture, re-newables, climate change, natural & man-made disaster risk
  • Social and Gender Justice, in the field of e.g. child labor, fair trade, FGM, migration, youth participation, conflict resolution
  • Good Governance, in the field of e.g. transparency, accountability, service quality, SME development and policy programs

A selection of our consulting services and achievements:

  • Uganda: Development of Massive Open Online Courses and the e-training infrastructure for policy decision makers in the Nile Basin by using existing content. [more]
  • Germany: Development and use of gamification techniques to improve knowledge sharing in public sector organisations [more]
  • India: Managing Intellectual Capital and enhancing large scale Human Resource Development Programs [more]
  • Germany: Saving 500.000 € p.a. in educational counseling of a university through web-based educational guidance tests [more]
  • India: Enhancing project output in a € 10 million eGovernment project through the implementation of a Performance Measurement System [more]
  • Indonesia: Supporting the Tsunami Early Warning System through a web-based Training Management System [more]
  • Egypt: Building an eGovernment Portal for simultaneous self-publishing of Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left language content [more]
  • Polynesia: Improving efficiency through a Management Information System as part of eGovernment Services [more]
  • Ethiopia: Increasing efficiency and transparency in a large scale construction project for 15 new universities through a web-based Monitoring and Reporting System [more]
  • Ghana: Building awareness about learning technologies through a series of countrywide seminars for the Ministry of Education with more than 800 participants [more]

Access more project profiles implemented in the recent 10 years.

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