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With a long track record in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) based knowledge building projects in Europe, Africa and Asia, Hoffmann&Reif offers solutions for the deployment of learning services and informated work processes. The specific competencies of the partners and their network allow them to manage successfully projects for ICT based human resources capacity building and education along entire value chains.

Through consultancy services:

  • Strategic consultancy of educational institutions, corporations, governments and development cooperation agencies on the implementation of Internet based knowledge services both in developed and emerging markets;
  • Consultancy on organisational development, e.g. through providing standardized and efficient work processes for change management in educational and training institutions.

Through the educational change management product CPeO:

  • Action Learning for developing efficient eLearning service organisations based on Service Engineering methods.

Through solid technology solutions:

  • Deployment of Internet portals and platforms to improve management processes and service efficiency while minimizing costs

Hoffmann&Reif has been involved in various flagship projects for the advancement of an eEurope since 1989. Since 1996 both have been helping to bridge the digital divide in emerging markets. This includes the deployment of enabling applications and services as well as training and capacity building in African and Asian countries face-to-face and on the Internet.
Due to the multidisciplinary requirements of most of these endeavours, a multi-facetted and solid network of experts and cooperating institutions has been established. Years of international cooperation in heterogeneous environments such as advanced marketplaces and emerging economies have created not only competencies but also a network of expertise and trust.

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