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Selected projects in the recent years

Title    Monitoring & Evaluation System for Climate Financing Reporting
Client    Government / European Commission
Duration    02/2018 - 05/2018
Location    Bonn / Brussels
Project Objectives
- to analyze the main Climate Financing Reporting workflows and data in the German governmental bodies which cover an annual multibillion EUR budget
- to analyze the Climate Financing Reporting between the various ministries and entities of the German government and the European Commission in Brussels
- to design and build a Climate Financing Reporting System
Scope and Results
- optimized and redesigned internal ministerial workflows
- designed and engineered optimized Climate Financing Reporting templates
- selected, customized and deployed a Business Intelligence System
- built an optimized Climate Financing Reporting System for the German Ministry and the cooperation with the EC, Brussels, based on the Microsoft Power Business Intelligence Platform
- trained ministerial staff
- measurable project success: the very time-consuming report production for all climate change related project investments of the public sector in Germany has been reduced by more than 50%

Title    Knowledge Portals on Urban and Industrial Development, Training Portals in the Field of Environment and Sustainability
Client    Public sector
Duration    2015 - 2019
Location    Delhi, Nagpur, India
Project Objectives
- to analyze knowledge management needs and workflows.
- to implement an agile project management with short iteration and feedback cycles
- to design a knowledge portal and website which is maintained by project staff.
- to closely coordinate with the project marketing and public relations department.
- to provide for support in the implementation of the strategic political and technical objectives in the sector
Scope and Results
- Optimized electronic workflows have been established
- The Knowledge Portals on Urban and Industrial Development run on license cost free open source Internet server technology
- Staff has been trained over distance
- Institutional Change Management was performed upon practical needs over distance

Screenshots and Photos

Knowledge Portal on Urban and Industrial Development

Training and Knowledge Management Platform in the Field of Civil Defense

Title    Guided Coaching for building e-courses programs by using existing content
Client    Public sector
Duration    January - July 2016
Location    Entebbe, Uganda / Cologne, Nuremberg / Germany
Project Objectives
to build a modular vocational training solution (e-courses, delivery platform, institutional workflows) for international outreach and tailored to the need of policy decision making organizations in the Nile Riparian countries: the solution must solve the need for up-to-dateness in policy decision making and support cross country policy interventions. It must address local requirements for lifelong learning and knowledge sharing. Subject Matter Experts must transform their own classroom courses for policy decision making to e-learning formats. The courses must be certified and require online assessments. New institutional workflows are required for e-courses development as well as online teaching. The new e-courses must be ready for delivery within 4 months.
Scope and Results
Performed institutional coaching services. Subject matter experts from the Nile Riparian countries build localized e-courses by themselves. Therefore, the following services have been performed:
- Blended workplace coaching (online and classroom) for teaching and management staff to produce e-courses
- Coaching along real world tasks and deliverables based on Action Learning methodology
- Comprehensive joint e-learning service planning, production, delivery and establishment of quality management measures
- Deployment of an open source infrastructure in the Cloud and open contents for institution wide multiplication

The Guided Coaching has led to 3 tangible outcomes:
1. E-learning / blended learning courses based on existing content (local knowledge) within a short period of time
2. Trained staff with hands-on experience in the production and delivery of e-learning courses
3. A state-of-the-art e-learning / blended learning infrastructure in the Cloud and the local computer center

Screenshots and Photos

E-courses Management Platform for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

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Introduction to a course about a Decision Support System
Introduction to an Institutional Induction course

Title    Institutional Knowledge Sharing by means of Gamification
Client    Education sector
Duration    May 2014 - to date
Location    Cologne / Dusseldorf
Project Objectives
to build a gamified vocational training system and to manage the change process. Staff captures tacit institutional knowledge (e.g. about new regulations), converts it into a text based Multiple Choice format and uploads. A gamified training system must use these knowledge nuggets and create a motivating competitive staff event automatically (a new form of a very motivating e-Learning event). The gamified vocational training system must be administered autonomously by the staff.
Scope and Results
Designed, implemented and introduced a gamified vocational training systems within a public sector organisation. The system creates a motivating social knowledge event. The staff spends approx. 10 minutes per week participating in a motivating game scenario. This gamified vocational training systems is the first of its kind to reduce staff on-boarding time by more than 50%. Institutionalized knowledge sharing in service organisations has been reached which could not have been done otherwise. Approx. 250 knowledge nuggets have been built by the staff which represent the most relevant part of the institutional tacit knowledge.

Title    Enhancing large scale Human Resource Development Programs through ICT based systems for Intellectual Capital Management
Client    German Society for International Cooperation
Duration    May 2007 - to date
Location    Berlin / Germany, Delhi / India
Project Objectives
To build a methodology and customize an ICT based system which helps to manage Intellectual Capital in large scale Human Resource Development Programs. The management system must support the entire training life cycle: training need assessment, instructional design and management of the instructional event, evaluation and quality management
Scope and Results
Designed and implemented a Management Information System (MIS) for a large scale capacity building programme on Environmental and Disaster Risk Management offered by governmental institutions in India. Performed all steps from business process analysis, implementation, monitoring / evaluation, and organisational development. Staff coaching have been performed on-site in close cooperation with the project team. The MIS is operated fully autonomously by the staff and hundreds of specialized trainings are managed.

Screenshots and Photos

Management Platform for Human Resource Development in the Field of Environment

Management Platform for Human Resource Development in the Field of Industrial Disaster Risk Management

References/Links, Additional Files

A solution for managing large scale capacity building programs, developed with the support of Hoffmann&Reif
How to manage Human Resource Development Programs - The Concept, authored with the support of Hoffmann&Reif

Title    Reducing department costs by more than 65%: Implementation of a web based management system for a student science lab in Germany
Client    University sector
Duration    May - June 2010
Location    Berlin, Cologne / Germany
Project Objectives
To conceptualize a web based management system for instructional event management in a science lab; the science lab courses are offered by university professors, they must be bookable by groups as well as individuals from schools; to automate all administrative activities, e.g. up-to-dateness of participant list, production of certificates, management of alternate student lists; to make the system applicable for the management of alumni networks
Scope and Results
The administrative effort for the management of more than 400 young students per year has been cut down 65% (from 6 person days / month to 2 person days); the web-based management system has been developed based on Open Source technologies and is now applied for the management of instructional events by the university staff; the amortisation of investment will be achieved 2 years after project completion

Title    Saving 500.000 € p.a. in educational counselling: Implementation of a web-based educational guidance test in Germany
Client    University sector
Duration    April 2009 - March 2010
Location    Berlin, Cologne / Germany
Project Objectives
To conceptualize a test application for educational guidance of young students when entering university studies; to implement an interest assessment test for more than 50 types of university studies; to implement a cost analysis tool and to prove savings of labour costs.
Scope and Results
The test is now taken on average by more than 8000 high school students per month; the students join a 45 minutes online interest assessment test and get tailored advice according to the test results during face to face counselling sessions; the interest test is saving more than 500.000 EUR per year in labour costs and has led to a qualitative and quantitative increase of service quality in the university counselling department.

Title    Enhancing project output in a € 10 million eGovernment project through the implementation of a Multidimensional Performance Measuring System
Client    German Technical Cooperation
Duration    September 2009
Location    Delhi, Rajkot, Bangalore, Hyderabad / India
Project Objectives
To perform an interim evaluation of an eGovernment project (project volume > 10 million EUR); the project targeted mainly the use of eGovernment services by the small and medium enterprise sector; to assess the project strength and weaknesses; to elaborate a project strategy change based on a tailor made eGovernment project performance matrix; to perform project reviews with the consulting companies and government institutions engaged in the project implementation ; to present the findings to management.
Scope and Results
A multidimensional performance matrix for eGovernment project assessments; project weaknesses identified; a project change strategy elaborated and implementation plan prepared (e.g. training certification scheme for government officials; content quality assurance procedures); findings have been implemented after mission completed and led to project improvements in practice.

Screenshots and Photos

Auditing of ICT adoption in a metal processing plant - application of computer aided design (CAD) for battery production machines

Auditing of ICT adoption in Indian small and medium sized enterprises in the casting industry, producing engine parts for export market

Title    Supporting the Tsunami Early Warning System in Indonesia through a web-based Training Management System
Client    The State Ministry of Research and Technology Republic of Indonesia
Duration    March 2008 - March 2009
Location    Jakarta, Indonesia
Project Objectives
To perform a series of short term workshops for a capacity building unit of the German Tsunami Early Warning System; to conceptualize and adapt a training management system for a large scale capacity building programme; to train capacity building managers on process management, management of educational information, online editing and institutional development; to monitor how staff uses the training management system for effective inter- and intra-institutional cooperation, for capacity building planning and implementation.
Scope and Results
Staff of a capacity building unit trained to manage a large scale capacity building programme for the German Tsunami Early Warning System; training management system built up and tailored to specific project needs; in addition a Management Information System (MIS) built for decision support in capacity building planning, implementation and monitoring

Screenshots and Photos

Training Management Platform for building capacities on Disaster Management in Indonesia

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The HR Development Platform - managing people, knowledge and HR events

Title    Building an eGovernment Portal (English / Arabic) in Egypt
Client    National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, NCCM
Duration    June 2008 - May 2009
Location    Cairo, Egypt
Project Objectives
To train and coach editors and authors on institutional website publishing; to design and establish electronic work procedures in close cooperation with the media department and government projects representatives; to design and implement an electronic brand of the governmental institution; to elaborate a style guide for institutional publishing which comprises language quality, media & communication, usability and readability styles; to monitor and document project progress
Scope and Results
A decentralized and web based eGovernment system for left-to-right and-right-to-left language; content developed by institutional staff; an institutional Intranet was built containing institutional documents in a secure space; an electronic brand representing the institutional profile and services on the Internet; a style guide for various kinds of electronic services

Screenshots and Photos

Screenshot of the institutional website main page


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