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We help to conceptualize, build and maintain knowledge building infrastructures on the Internet and within brick and mortar institutions. We have the expertise to support every step along the value chain. Since we have been doing this in Europe, Africa and Asia for many years, covering all elements of the value chain in knowledge building is a familiar endeavour for us.

We have the capacity and the tools to operate in a virtual space and face-to-face. We have been doing this for many years in the new knowledge driven societies of the North, and also in the knowledge-hungry environments in Africa and Asia.

Whether providing Internet publishing skills for IT consultants in Blantyre, Malawi, or introducing a distributed “course factory” to the training department of a telecom operator in Germany, we have been doing these kind of projects now for more than a decade. We have been successful over the years because we appreciate diversity as an asset that creates value across cultures and continents.

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