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Standard Operating Procedure for Portal Projects

Portals increase efficiency in business process management inside companies and with customers and suppliers. The integration of electronic work processes e.g. for management, publishing, teaching and sales in organisations demand for a comprehensive but clear and easy portal implementation approach. The following sequence of activities should give an insight into a project model which has been proven to be successful in different branches and for small and larger organisations.

The sequence may vary a little between different project environments. On average all steps are implemented during a portal project. Hoffmann&Reif apply special tools and methodologies (e.g. collaboration platforms, Internet based assessment procedures) for a quick and smooth cycle in various kinds of project environments.


Our Activities

Our Instruments


Strategic business analysis

Balanced Scorecard templates


Fact finding mission

Structured Interview


Pre-feasibility analysis

SWOT analysis templates


Needs assessment



Feasibility analysis



Definition of the key business processes

Business Process Modeling template (UML)


Application of a logical framework



Definition of the support structure

Support structure templates


Definition of job profiles

Job profile templates


Definition of project objectives

Reference list of project objectives


Project phasing (setup phase, initial operating phase, expansion phase, and outreach phase)

Project design templates


Constitution of a project team

Role models and team constitution blueprints


Definition of use cases

Use case templates


Requirement specification

ZMS checklist (example)


Identification of key content for migration

SOP* content selection


Definition of design requirements

Design templates


Workflow design and implementation

Workflow templates


Rapid setup of a coaching portal workbench (usability engineering, template development, system setup)

SOP portal setup (example, ZMS in 10 steps, short version)


Staff coaching for different target groups:

Action learning workshop templates

  • Project manager
  • Template designer / Software Engineer / Developer
  • Usability Engineer / Graphic artist
  • Technical writer / Information architect / Professional indexer
  • Subject matter expert / Author / Journalist
  • Communications specialist
  • Business process analyst

Content production/migration during action learning workshops (authors/editors, producers/engineers, system managers), e.g. as blended learning events

SOP content migration


Project review

After Action Review template


Definition of workflows

Workflow templates


Based on the coaching results refinement of the portal solution and going live

Portal template


Design and implementation of an ASP / hosting solution

SOP ASP hosting


Definition of service quality

Service Level Agreement template


Project design for the rollout and release planning

Project design templates


Change process design

Change process templates (example of a human resources centered change process model)


Support structure design and assignment of roles

Support structure templates


Development of an organisation wide ICT Policy

Policy templates


Continuous business process optimisation and change request analysis

Business Process Modeling template (UML)

* SOP = Standard Operating Procedure

Especially the elements 4, 5 and 6 allow to demonstrate results at an early project stage.

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