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Professional Support Services

The Professional Support Services enable customers to apply the efficient methodology of content development and maintenance within their organisations.
The Services are offered for management and staff by experienced and independent consultants. The following topics are covered:

  • Business strategy
  • Setup of Application Services
  • Implementation of internal or customer projects

There is a Basic Package available as a cross cutting service. It secures long term project success through our core developer team.

Basic Package

The ZMS core team secures your Internet and Intranet operations and offers the following customizing and support services:

  1. 24h / 7 days a week support via e-mail
  2. exclusive online helpdesk up to 10 requests per month
  3. continuous documentation update of recent software developments
  4. software development and update support up to 1 person day per month
  5. recent news about new modules and features developed by our core community

The basic package is available for a minimum duration of 6 months and a service fee of 1500EUR/month.

As Professional Support Service customer you are offered a 20% discount on further training, coaching and customizing services.

If you are interested in obtaining additional specific information about the Professional Support Services please get in contact with Sebastian Hoffmann.

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