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Learning and knowledge management application services for technology providers, e-publishers and educational institutions

Supporting knowledge development from South to North

Hoffmann&Reif provides a hosting package with collaboration, e-publishing and eLearning applications for

  • internet service providers (ISPs)
  • application service providers (ASPs)
  • publishing companies
  • online expert information services
  • and educational institutions.

This service offers a great value especially for projects in the South. It enables businesses as well as institutions to offer cost efficient and reliable services to their local and regional customers. The applications are hosted in Europe but they are managed and used in the South via the Internet.

Setting up an ICT infrastructure in developing countries is still very costly and cumbersome. There are high costs for hardware, security and licenses. In order to allow a rapid and cost efficient deployment of ICT projects in the South Hoffmann&Reif offers a hosting and application service in Europe that can be managed and used in the South. Thus ICT providers can jump-start their local and regional projects by using available infrastructures in the North. Should local ICT markets improve the southern stakeholders can migrate all applications to a local service provider.

Linux Servers, Content Management System and eLearning platform as managed service

As part of their consultancy service Hoffmann&Reif provides for a very cost efficient solution that can become the basis for a profitable business in developing countries. This offer is especially helpful for companies or professionals entering the Internet Service Provider business. Just one server offers sufficient capacity for serving a whole business community in a developing country, such as Namibia or Cambodia.

This service allows to host thousands of customers who need domain names and webspace for HTML pages, or dozens of customers using the embedded content management system and eLearning platform or any kind of database driven applications.

Open source ICT infrastructure

Application Services:


e-Publishing and Content Management

Zope based Content Management for Science Technology and Medicine (ZMS), fully operational and managable remotely via web interfaces

e-Learning and Blended Learning Management

ZMS-Collaborative Learning Environment, fully operational and managable remotely via web interfaces

Online Collaboration and Community Management (Web 2.0)

Powerful tools for e-publishing and online collaboration specifically for the needs of online expert communities

Server Hardware:



Intel® Core™ i7-920 Quad-Core


8 GB

Hard Drive

2 x 750 GB SATA-II HDD (Software-RAID 1)
(offers capacity for e.g. 10000 WWW sites with 70MB Web space each)

Server Features:


IP address


Access as super user (via ssh)


Web based configuration

via Parallels Plesk Panel

Operating System

openSUSE 11.1

Network Connectivity:



1 TeraByte per month

Server connection to the internet

more than 2,5 GigaBits/s Backbone connection and multiple redundant 155MBit/s fiber optic connection

Power supply and room security

Uninterruptible power supply and fire secured air conditioned facility

If you are interested in obtaining additional specific information about our hosting services please get in contact with Sebastian Hoffmann.

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