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Training on setting up "Effective and efficient e-publishing services"

Our methodology has been implemented in the ZMS system. It stands for an efficient and low cost production of websites or web documents. In this training you get to know this approach in detail.

This training can be tailored to multiplyers or organisations deploying the e-publishing services internally and with the outside world. Focal points can be set on the corresponding themes of the general catalogue:

1 Introduction and conception basics
1.1 The principal features of the CMS models
1.2 Description of a procedure model

2 System management
2.1 Installation of the ZOPE product ZMS
2.2 Initialisation of a ZMS client

3 Templates
3.1 Separation of content and design
3.2 Filing of the templates in the ZOPE object hierarchy
3.3 Template modell
3.4 Template installation
3.5 Template programming

4 Configuration
4.1 Basic configurations
4.2 Configuration of a multilingual web presentation
4.3 Configuration of the meta data (object attributes)
4.4 Document model (DTD)
4.5 Configuration of special objects/documents
4.6 Configuration of the "sizes" for text passages (standard objects)
4.7 Design configuration
4.8 User groups and rights on the systems application
4.9 Workflow

5 Browser based maintenance of contents with ZMS
5.1 Structure and functions of an online document
5.2 Structure and service of the editing interface
5.3 Filing structure (structure of a categorical structure)
5.4 Object construction and processing
5.5 Export of ZMS documents

6 Workflow
6.1 Workflow functions
6.2 Workflow processes
6.3 Special role constellations

7 Navigation and Design
7.1 Design guidelines
7.2 Navigation logic
7.3 Layout
7.4 Design (CSS)
7.5 Structure of design libraries of one’s own: Template sets

8 Multilingualism
8.1 Mulitlingualism: multilingual object model
8.2 Configuration of a multilingual editing team
8.3 Determination of the "reach" of a document
8.4 Special configurations for the multilingualism
8.5 Translation of the acquired primary contents
8.6 Multilingual attributes and publication status
8.7 Monolingual contents

9 System extensions and API

If you are interested in obtaining additional specific information about our training services please get in contact with Sebastian Hoffmann.

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