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Workshop Profile

The eLearning Quickstart Workshop: a two days hands-on workshop for teachers, professors, trainers and educational experts

Workshop in blended mode:
online preparation, face to face cooperation and online peer review

How to book:

Please send an e-mail with your inquiry and your complete contact information to shof@hoffmann-reif.com.
This workshop requires a minimum of 2 participants. It is delivered upon customer requests.

Workshop duration:

14 days online and 2 days face to face (a follow-up phase is optional)


English or German

Workshop fee:

EUR 500,-- per participant (fee for a group of 12 participants); there are discounts available for a higher number of participants; a smaller group is possible; please send us your requirements

More Information:

Call us at +49-221-8809621,
or write to shof@hoffmann-reif.com

Who is this course for?

This course is for teaching practitioners who would like to acquiere an insight and experiences in the design and the implementation of their blended learning instruction and the associated work load to manage instructional projects.


1. to start practicing a Rapid eLearning methodology for courseware development;
2. to start authoring a WebQuest document;
3. to publish instructional content on an eLearning platform;
4. to experience blended learning;
5. to teach online;
6. to use online evaluation tools.


In order to participate in this workshop you must be able to:
1. author instructional documents;
2. have advanced computer literacy skill: access the Internet from a PC, maintain your computer and peripherals if needed
3. have advanced media literacy skills: knowledge in use of your operating system and conversant with the software tools Acrobat Reader; knowledge in use of software applications for text and image processing, slide production and presentation, file compression, navigating a Web site, filling in and submiting Web forms, sending/receiving eMails
4. access to computer facilities continuously;
5. read, communicate and author texts in English or German language

Group size:

The number of particpants recommended for each workshop is 12

Working time required:

The course requires 8 hours of preparatory time and 16 hours of face-to-face active participation. We recommend to add 30% for organisational issues.

How you will produce your course:

There is an online preparatory phase. In this phase you will already interact with experts and fellow colleagues.
During the face-to-face workshop you will get lots of opportunities to discuss what you produce, you will do group and individual work and presentations. You will focus on hands-on tasks relevant to your teaching practice. You'll get expert feedback on your ideas. You can discuss your own course product, ask questions, and get support through a mailing list after the course will have been completed. As part of the workshop you will receive personal advice as you revise one of your own projects to make it more successful.

What this hands-on workshop requires from you:

You can set your own pace during the preparatory phase. No one will nag you or criticize you for not participating. You advance by participating actively. You alone are responsible for your own practical work. That means you must have the drive and discipline to work throughout the online and face to face events.
During the face to face event you will collaborate in multidisciplinary teams. You will be required to focus on your personal outcome, coordinate and communicate your work efficiently.

Technical requirements:

For the online and face-to-face event you can use any computer connected to the Internet and any software tools for word processing, image processing and slide production. There is no special software required, but to view and print guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader (at least version 4.0, if not yet installed please download it from the Adobe web site).

To get most out of this workshop:

Do all the activities online and at your workplace. They do not take long and they let you practice what you have learned. Review the readings after you complete the activities. The activities will make clear how you can apply the readings. Participate in the discussion groups online and face to face. Ask questions, debate issues, and help others. Especially help others.

Authors and facilitators:

This workshop was developed and is facilitated by Hoffmann&Reif.
The authors and tutors are working as business consultants, project managers, online instructors and instructional designers in international projects.

Workshop phases:

1st phase, online introduction: media competency, test of access, dissemination of Standard Operating Procedures
2nd phase, face to face workshop: application of instructional design and the production of courseware, final presentation and certification
3rd phase, optional online follow up: interaction with the community of interest and practice

Before you start:

There is a pre-class preparation required. You will be asked to select suitable instructional material from your resource pool. A detailled instruction will be sent to you after registration.
Please review the prerequisites on this page and the list of technical requirements to make sure that you meet all of them.

Web address:


Detailled workshop agenda:

registered participants get access to the workshop platform

Schedule of material delivery:

Instructional material and Standard Operating Procedures will be sent to you via email two weeks before the face to face event.


We wish you a productive and successful workshop as well as a pleasant collaboration experience.

The Workshop Management Team at Hoffmann&Reif

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