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eLearning - eBusiness opportunities in the SADC region

16 - 20 April 2001, Lusaka, Zambia

Workshop on eLearning courseware production

"Towards the SANTREN Virtual University” was the motto of this milestone workshop for e-learning course production. The aim: providing knowledge on environmental management for the mining industry in the region via Internet. The perspective: entering global knowledge marketplaces - still dominated by providers from the North – with authentic regional content and insight.
But providing commercial viable high quality courses via Internet is not a trivial undertaking. In this workshop participants became familiar with methods of instructional design and web-based training. In addition enabling Open Source based applications for collaboration and distributed publishing were provided. The result of this action oriented workshop: the first SANTREN e-learning course on instructional design for web-based training.

The workshop opening session was broadcasted life on April 17th 2001 in Zambia: Prof. Sinkala (University of Zambia, eLearning programme coordinator) and Sebastian Hoffmann.

Workshop participants from all SADC countries.

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