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The package

CPeO or The Comprehensive Package for Building eLearning Organizations was originally designed and built for institutions wishing to instigate networked education systems or distance learning. Now a complete tailor made eLearning suite for educational organizations and educators anywhere, CPeO has evolved to offer advantages found in no other programs.

Having worked in the international IT and eLearning fields for more than 15 years it became obvious to Hoffmann&Reif that capacity building programs being planned or built are far from meeting the complex and unique challenges facing developing institutions and cultures worldwide today.

The Four Pillars of Successful eLearning Business Incubation

To remedy this, H&R developed an innovative Bottom to Top, Base to Summit or South to North or Down Up strategy to build sustainable eLearning organizations quickly with minimized risks. This structure is based on four integrated pillars of a teacher enabling programme for eLearning:

Four pillars of the CPeO teacher enabling programme containing open technology solutions, methodologies and content

When developing eEducation systems difficulties are daunting. Focused, these pillars form a strong but flexible platform from which people and institutions can leapfrog current obstacles towards realistic and effective human resources development.


The CPeO content and technical components have been developed and implemented over the last four years within

  • African and Asian "Public Private Partnership" projects of GTZ, the German development agency for technical cooperation;
  • universities and educational institutions in Europe and Africa;
  • HRD departments of international corporations;
  • European publishers and professional associations
  • and enterprises of the European Health Care sector.

Through these manyfold and diverse projects successfully delivered and implemented with hundreds of educational and subject matter experts and hundreds of organisations in many industry and service sectors the CPeO is poised to become a bench mark in eLearning training programs, in such diverse areas as Germany, India and Uganda with a future implementation in South East Asia and South America. As the core element of full capacity building programs, CPeO is built for developing educational services across the entire learning spectrum.

How we proceeded

1. … Starting in a Low Key to master the technology Learning Curve

CPeO is a ready-made quickstart package. You will be able to implement professional eLearning:

  • Rapidly - instead of long-term preparation and tedious planning phases
  • Conveniently – instead of time wasting trial and error procedures
  • Pragmatically – instead of wasteful schooling in stagnant technology and methodology
  • Cost-effectively – instead of expensive and prohibitive investment in technical infrastructure

CPeO low-profile plug and play strategy enables educators and their institutions to:

  • Develop high quality modular eLearning courses
  • Make immediate use of an Open Source eLearning platform and its many resources
  • Greatly simplify management procedures

2. ... being empowered

CPeO enables teaching professionals to:

  • Guarantee professional quality eLearning and blended learning courseware by applying Standardized Operational Procedures or SOP
  • Ensure seamless and re-usable content by employing modules
  • Introduce diverse didactical methods to manipulate existing resources and course content
  • Produce custom multimedia content through Rapid eLearning Tools or RET’s

3. ... getting networked

Certified CPeO customers and users may become members of an internationally recognized expert eLearning network. As well as attending the CPeO elearning program, members share experience, knowledge, content, and much more through the CPeO eCommunity.

4. ... developing your business

When joining the CPeO, participants receive a complete courseware and technology package with no license fees to pay. To spread knowledge and generate sustainable business, we use a stakeholder approach where successful participants are free to develop their own business activities by combining CPeO components, or even the complete package, with their own projects.

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