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Which solution fits best to your needs?
The eLearning Quickstart Workshop, the CPeO education or the CPeO business?

eLearning Quickstart Workshop

CPeO education

CPeO business

We are considering eLearning as an option but we are not yet sure about the opportunities and investments required.


We are looking for a practical and quick insight into what benefits eLearning service delivery can offer to us.


We wish to gain first-hand experience in eLearning through a short hands-on workshop.


We are interested in a rapid and effective capacity building event.


We need and can afford workplace trainings for a longer period of time.


We are planning to add blended learning to our face-to-face teaching .


We want our teaching staff to build learner centered educational services.


We want to build or let built a technical infrastructure for eLearning services and need a corresponding coaching for our teachers.


We need just-in-time and workplace trainings delivered on the Internet since our staff must remain on the job.


We intend to build and manage a digital content library. We want to deliver existing content through eLearning and also produce new online learning material.


We intend to offer eLearning services but need to make sure that the high standards of our teaching services are kept when shifting to the online mode. We require eLearning that includes quality assurance procedures and instruments.


Our staff has little experience in eLearning or distance education but eLearning is a strategic mid-term objective and a requirement from our management.


Our teachers are about to develop and produce own educational media for their purposes and integrate professional content of publishers. They aim to share these media, too.


We are a Not-for-Profit organisation.



Our institution is developing a business or running it already by offering professional educational media and services.


Our staff has experience in eLearning or distance education and has the mandate to develop it sustainably and open up new business opportunities for our institution/company.


Our institution must reach new markets and we must generate revenues from eLearning.


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