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The CPeO at a glance

The CPeO enables institutions and individuals to set up their own eLearning portfolio:

  1. The CPeO education is an effective workplace coaching. You develop your own eLearning portfolio in a not-for-profit organisation.
  2. The CPeO business is an effective business development coaching. You create your own marketable Blended Learning products.

Overview on CPeO education and CPeO business

The main aspects of CPeO education and CPeO business are explained in the following table:

What does "CPeO" mean?

The Comprehensive Package for Building eLearning Organisations (CPeO): An outcome based workplace coaching programme for teaching and management staff to develop sustainable blended learning service products

How is it delivered?

Through blended learning: face-to-face workshops and eLearning supported by a customized Learning Content Management System (LCMS) and delivered by expert coaches

Who should participate?

Teaching and training staff in companies and universities, teachers, teacher trainers, human resource personnel, training and educational managers

How much time is required for the CPeO education?

4 months, 10 hours work per week, 2 face-to-face phases

...for the CPeO business?

8 months, ca. 10 hours work per week, 3 face-to-face phases

Which services are offered?

  • eLearning and eReadiness assessment workshop (3 days)
  • CPeO kick-off workshop (3 days) for building media literacy and preparing individual projects of participants
  • Provision of an LMS and LCMS
  • Tailor-made change management measures
  • Provision of about 30 modules (Standard Operating Procedures) related to tasks at the workplace, covering four main subjects: a) Business development and project management; b) Instructional planning; c) Instructional media production and implementation; d) Instructional service delivery, monitoring and evaluation
  • Moderation of the learning process and coaching of the participant´s work process by experienced consultants
  • Continuous assessment of the participant´s job performances
  • Interim evaluation and media production workshop (3 days)
  • Final workshop (3 days) for assessment, presentation and certification

What are the advantages of the CPeO?

  • High impact and cost effectiveness proven in practice
  • Fast results through action learning and rapid prototyping methodology
  • Vendor independent eLearning consultancy
  • Full service provision through a single customer interface
  • Upon successful completion, the entire CPeO (SOPs, methodology, technology) can be taken over for one´s own business development without licence fees and free of charge (based on an open source platform and an open content licence model)

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