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Join our team and become part of a community of eLearning experts

CPeO network members offer services for building eLearning organisations. They are engaged in different elearning business areas - from strategic eLearning consultancy for the European pharmaceutical industry as well as in eLearning capacity building in remote areas of developing countries. Approved CPeO staff members are provided with full access to all CPeO resources (content, community, technology) at no costs. CPeO staff get full support from the community when rolling out the programme locally. Please read these terms of references and send us your application to become part of a real community of practice.

Applicants may offer to deliver multiple services or just certain service components. Please indicate in your application the services you intend to provide.

Educational Project Manager

The manager will customize the CPeO to established curriculum development plans. He/she will train staff (mostly multipliers) to implement distance education programs. Staff will include subject matter experts, instructional designer, online moderators, media developers and technology providers.

Module authoring manager

The module authoring manager will develop the plan and implementation procedures to establish and operate module authoring capacity and to migrate existing degree course material online. He/she transfers process knowhow, tools and technology gained from a CPeO participation to local staff and to domestic consultants, who may help to establish procedures. He/she especially monitors quality from the instructional design point of view and provides for support during the eLearning production and teaching phase of CPeO participants.

Moderator manager

The manager determines the qualifications, training procedures, and work routines of online moderators according to a CPeO quality assurance procedure. He/she applies web based project management facilities to manage support levels and uses web based reporting instruments to document support quality.


The moderator is a teaching expert and provides best services to participants of the CPeO programme. They have either participated successfully as participants in the programme or they have assisted certified CPeO moderators and passed a certification process. Please have a closer look at the moderatorĀ“s prerequisites.

Educational Media Manager

The Educational Media Manager assesses current educational technology requirements and capacity and sets up smooth media production workflows based on XML standards. He/she considers the human, fiscal and infrastructure resources to develop production and delivery services of blended learning. He/she develops plans and implements procedures locally to disseminate educational technology capacity. He/she consults local educational managers, members of ministries, media developers and teaching experts as part of the CPeO programme.

Educational ICT Manager

The Educational ICT Manager especially supports multimedia, printing and library departments to upgrade their facilities and provide distance learners with access and connectivity to these services.
He/she assesses the information and communication technology infrastructure, develops plans and human resource development programmes for ICT management and operation. He/she defines the support levels and requirements locally. He/she works closely together with ICT managers from local institutions and vendor companies, media developers and teaching experts as part of the CPeO programme.

Time and place

  • independent of location
  • laptop or desktop computer with continuous Internet access required
  • online and / or on-site services as part of CPeO programme delivery


  • Very good English language skills
  • Especially excellent English writing skills
  • Additional asset: very good Spanish language skills
  • Additional asset: very good skills in the laguage used by the target group of a programme
  • Several years of teaching experience
  • Reliability in collaboration over distance
  • Team management experience
  • Excellent media literacy (several years of practical experience in the production of digital media)
  • Practical experience and very good knowledge of MS-Office, image processing tools and preferably REL production tool Macromedia Captivate
  • Good availability by phone, instant messaging and email
  • Ability to respond to online requests within 12 hours.


  • A remuneration scheme is offered based on eLearning moderation standards.


Please send your proposal and CV to Sebastian Hoffmann using the MS-Word template of our partner company SNTL Publishing below (shof@hoffmann-reif.com)

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