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Advantages of the CPeO

Implementation and adaptation under an Open Source and Open Content license.

The multidisciplinary nature of the subject eLearning calls for extended teacher and management training. Experience fom teacher training programmes in the recent years has shown that a different dissemination mode for eLearning enabling is required than training can offer. Staff have to master the change management tasks within their institution. And real job tasks must be accomplished when new capacities are built. Hoffmann&Reif have consequently come up with a comprehensive institutional empowerment package. Training about eLearning as a subject is one part of this capacity building. Further characteristics are:

  1. Blended workplace coaching for teaching and management staff
  2. Action learning methodology
  3. Comprehensive eLearning service planning, production, delivery and quality assurance
  4. Open source infrastructure and open contents for institution wide multiplication

Participants perform the following actions during the CPeO programme:

  • to develop commercially viable blended learning services based on their and/or third-party courseware,
  • to design, build, and manage their own eLearning project professionally,
  • to organise, build, and sustain a dynamic teaching and learning environment within and outside their organisation, especially by applying action learning methodology (e.g. by embedding portfolio assessments) and peer review evaluation to their teaching services,
  • to embed their newly acquired skills and knowledge into diverse eLearning frameworks,
  • to tailor eLearning services to their own organisation's special needs, and
  • to coach others to do the same.

The following certificates and benefits for business development are offered to participants:

  • Every participant who successfully completes the CPeO programme at more than 80% of the total score will be issued a “Business Certificate eLearning Manager” by Hoffmann&Reif and the Tele-Akademie Furtwangen (University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen).
  • The certificate holder will be able to take over, use, and adapt the CPeO modules under the Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license of Creative Commons.
  • An active and engaged participant achieving less than 80% score is issued a “Certificate of Participation” including a description of all activities and the level of performance during the program.
  • All holders of CPeO certificates become members of the eLearning Associates Network, a community of eLearning business practicioners that brings together international experience in educational service delivery. eLearning Associates Members benefit from expert exchange and joint business opportunities of customers’ projects.

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