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What makes CPeO so unique?

Apart from you being immediately operational, CPeO is easy to use, reliable, fully functional, open ended, modular, license free, and infinitely customizable. CPeO-modules are published by Hoffmann&Reif as open content under the Creative Commons Public License, and are designed as SCORM sharable content objects which are re-usable, simply updated, enhanced, or modified to meet the most challenging learning requirements.

1. Participants develop profitable products

CPeO enables teachers to embed and transform their own learning content into complete eLearning courses. The CPeO “Producer” approach is highlighted by employing:

  • Rapid eLearning Tools or ReT to lower lead time.
  • Cisco Reusable Learning Object Strategy and SCORM reference modeling for cross platform reusability.
  • Our eLearning platform to immediately generate public awareness and stimulate product demand of published results.

2. Minimized Technology

Simple CPeO media strategy:

  • Modules, learning materials and SOP-tools are generally provided in PDF/HTML, Powerpoint, Word or Excel format
  • CPeO only requires an Internet connection to access the eLearning platform and use web based tools. Even the use of e-mail is sufficient to participate
  • We prefer Rapid-eLearning-Tools such as Macromedia Captivate, TechSmith Camtasia Studio to quickly produce high quality media, but many others can also be used.

3. The Open Source ICT Backbone

The CPeO eLearning platform is built on ZMS which is a ZOPE based open source Learning Content Management System. ZMS has been successfully employed in hundreds of very different projects, from fields as far apart as Medicine to Geophysical Research combining tens of thousands of documents and hundreds of simultaneous users. Hoffmann&Reif chose this outstanding infrastructure for its principle advantages:

  • Instant courseware publishing
  • Zero fees for licenses
  • Fast and easy startup drastically cut training time and costs “Speed and Ease” philosophy
  • Incorporated features such as polling, bulletin board with alert function, mailing lists, and built in online evaluation procedures, to enable wide scale connectivity

4. Distribution Strategy

CPeO is offered as a combined product made of people networks, courseware content and technology. Presently customers may either book or acquire the whole program

  1. The program can be customized for special groups and ordered through Hoffmann&Reif Consultancy.
  2. CPeO can be used regionally through by institutions in the position to plan and implement large-scale action based training programs.

5. Fees

CPeO is internationally available for groups of 15, 20, 40, 100, 500 and 1000 teaching professionals. Pricing depends on the level of tutorial support, amount of learning time, and group size.

6. Further Information and Booking

For more information please contact

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